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The Teen Mania Community

The Official Teen Mania Community
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Our world is dying. Every day, 90,000 people slip into an eternity without God. A crisis is at hand. Something must be done.

And we are those who will do something

God is raising up a generation of young people whose passion is to know God and make Him known. This generation refuses to accept the status quo. This generation will not let society dictate their morals, their beliefs or their priorities. This generation has made a choice to give each breath back to the One who gave it to them, and to use their lives to make an eternal difference in this world. They refuse to waste their lives or dwell in mediocrity, but instead have chosen to take the path less travelled. This generation refuses to settle for anything less than God's best. This generation is different.

This generation will change the world.

Teen Mania Ministries is one of the world's largest youth ministries, based out of Garden Valley, Texas. Teen Mania has many facets of ministry, the most well known being it's Acquire the Fire youth conferences, which visit more than 30 cities around North America, reaching more than 150,000 teenagers every year. Global Expeditions is Teen Mania's missions department. Each summer, more than 3500 teenagers on mission trips with GE to more than 25 countries, reaching more than 150,000 people with the Gospel annually. Teen Mania is largely run by the more than 700 young people participating each year in their one-year internship program, the Honor Academy. As well, Teen Mania's Extreme Camps provide an intense summer camp experience for more than 4000 young people every summer.

If you have been involved with Teen Mania in any area, or if you are interested in becoming involved, this is the community for you. The purpose of this community is to bring together those who have been impacted by the ministry of Teen Mania to encourage, challenge and get to know each other.

Please note that this community is open to all, however there are rules which members are expected to abide by. Failure to follow the rules will result in your removal from the members list.

  • No cussing or derogatory terms allowed. You'll be removed from the members list pretty quickly.
  • Be nice. Rude entries and/or comments will be removed the first time, and you'll be removed from the members list the second time.
  • Use the <lj-cut> tag if you are posting a long entry or large pictures. Failure to do so may result in an entry being deleted.
  • Negative criticism of the ministry of Teen Mania Ministries and/or it's staff/interns/volunteers/etc will not be tolerated.
  • This is not the place for political debates.

These rules may change at any time with or without prior notice. It is your responsibility to make sure that you know and follow the rules as listed on this page.

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