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The Teen Mania Community
Hurricane Relief 
4th-Sep-2005 01:35 am

I'd like to pass along some exciting news that's trickled down the grapevine.

Because of Teen Mania's relatively close proximity to New Orleans, the Ministry is now working on transitioning into a Red Cross refugee center for victims of the hurricane. The staff received a memo about this tonight, and the email mentioned that there may be need for some help once it happens [which could be in the next two or three days], however details are still to come.

Please be in prayer for wisdom regarding the decisions and logistical preparation that will be made over the next few days. Global Expeditions has often done mission trips to New Orleans, and now it would seem that the New Orleans mission trip is coming to Garden Valley. Pray that if this opportunity comes to fruition that many will be touched by the love of God displayed to them as they stay on campus. I'll do my best to keep you all updated as I receive more details, but for now I thought it'd be wise to have it covered in prayer. :o)

think global
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