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The Teen Mania Community
7th-Sep-2005 10:18 am

an update on the hurricane relief situation at Teen Mania from Dave Hasz:

"It looks like at this point Teen Mania will not be needed as a Red Cross shelter for refugees coming to Texas. Texas has about 250,000 refugees and now Texas is sending them to other states. On campus we are encouraging interns to get involved in relief efforts at the shelters in town and through their churches. You can still donate cash - which is needed most, through battlecry.com or to the alumni association which will be helping alumni of the Honor Academy.  Teen Mania is still working to send a semi of relief goods to an ATF church we are working with in Baton Rouge, this truck could go as early as Thursday. We are also going to have an intern relief trip which will depart on Thursday. I am finalizing the details and will announce this to the interns this afternoon. There is only room for the first 15-20 on this trip. This first trip will probably run from Sept. 8 - 18. Interns will sleep on a church floor and work very hard all day every day in the relief effort!"

Please be in prayer for the relief trip, and for the money to send the semi to Baton Rouge.

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