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The Teen Mania Community
Hey yall, no time, long see... 
30th-Sep-2005 08:27 pm
I'm only a little hyper. Sry I haven't updated in like FOREVER! lol. I'm doing very well. I'm looking forward to our quiz meet next saturday (oct. 8th) and the church lock-in the weekend after that (Oct. 14-15th) I'ts gonna be flippin' awsome! lol. SO can't wait!!! So, whatcha'll been up2? I'm progressing in my abilities to memorize, sing, dace, LVs (live videos), and even act! lol. I wanna be an actress! kk, I'll ttyl ~Reggie (Heather/minxie)

{this is my war cry}
Emo Heart
13th-Nov-2005 11:58 pm (UTC) - very cool
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