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The Teen Mania Community
Hi everyone, Right now I am asking for some help from any of you who… 
26th-Dec-2005 01:06 am
Hi everyone,
Right now I am asking for some help from any of you who can. If you can't help physically (I suppose that is the word for it) then I would love it if you could pray for me.
Right now, I am having some problems. I was planning on going to Thailand with Global Expeditions and spread the word of God this Summer.
But then I got nominated by someone to travel with People to People-a program about education and helping others from other countries get together and realize we are all the same, and to help stop wars. I have now been chosen to go to Europe for three weeks this Summer. I could go on and explain what People to People is, but that would waste a lot of your all's time.
But the problem is, the P2P trip costs over $5,500 and the Thailand trip costs around $3,500. If I can manage time wise, I would be able to come back from Europe and go on to Thailand.
I'm here to ask for any of you to contribute any size of a donation-even $5 or more or less would be really wonderful and could help me get to Thailand to spread the word of God. If I have other Christians and other churchs help me to get to Thailand, that would be wonderful. Both of these trips are extremely important to our world, but I believe Thailand should come first. THIS is what's important. Spreading God's Word.
For my address to donate or for more information, please e-mail me.
Thank you so much, even if you can't donate and I understand many of you cannot, please pray that I can save enough money to get to Thailand! Spread this plea around, please!
Thanks again and God bless all of you!

Also, if this type of post is not allowed, please tell me and I will immediately delete it.
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