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The Teen Mania Community
SUMMER MINISTRY OPPORTUNITY-- x-posted a few other places 
17th-Mar-2006 06:39 pm
I work at a Christian camp for disadvantaged/ at risk children of the greater South Bend, Indiana area called Camp Ray Bird. The director is still looking to hire several counselors for the summer, especially males. The job entails 8 weeks of ministry and 1 week of staff training, beginning in June. A counselor is responsible to shepherd a group of 8 children aged 7-15 (groups are organized by age) with the help of a junior counselor. He will teach small group lessons, share the gospel, participate and facilitate some activities, and help kids have a blast, by swimming with them, playing basketball with them, going canoing, etc. Counselors must be growing Christians who are at least age 18 or graduating from high school. For more information, reply to this post, email me asmcfalls@bsu.edu with questions, or check out www.raybird.org for application information. Please share this information with anyone you think may be interested. Thanks for your time!
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