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The Teen Mania Community
Recent Entries 
10th-Aug-2005 08:49 pm - Global Expeditions Sister Community

<shameless promotion>

Hey all you GE maniacs out there!

You need to join the official Global Expeditions community at thinkglobal!

And if you don't, I'll sick Brett Butler [Global Expeditions Linebacker] on you!

So... what are you waiting for??

Go! Join!

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[PS - I gave teen_mania a facelift today... it's fairly plain, but most of you read it from your friends page anyway.]

9th-Aug-2005 04:35 am - Thoughts from tonight

Tonight I walked to the corner store. I was on my way to get some snacks... but I came back with a whole lot more than that. I'd seen it before, and I'd even recognized it before. But tonight it struck me in a way that I'd never thought of before. The blue glow of television sets emanated from two of every three houses, casting eerie, moving shadows on living room walls. House after house, as I walked, seemed to be tuned in. But tuned into what? Suddenly I had a picture.

It was as if Hollywood had taken these people and raised them in their own little "Matrix" world. They'd been pumped full of whatever Hollywood wanted to pump them full of, in order to sell more and make more. They'd caused these people to become so attached and dependent on their television sets that if you asked them whether they spend more time with their kids than their TV does, most of them would have to answer, "no." These people have grown up as children of Hollywood, slowly but methodically being lulled into a trance, and while in that trance having their morals and defenses numbed. No longer are children raised by their parents - they're raised by the television set. And from birth until death, they'll live life however Hollywood tells them to. They'll fashion everything in their life - from what they wear, to what they eat, to what they say, to how they live, to who they get in bed with, to when they get in bed with them, to how they raise [or don't raise] their own kids - around the standards and morals that Hollywood so subtly slips down their wide, open, numb throats.

Unless something changes.

As I walked home, I began to ask God some questions. A holy sense of anger and fury rose up within me, as I began to barrage God with my ponderings. What would happen if we listened to You? What would happen if we stopped listening to the sermons of Hollywood and started listening to the sermons of Heaven? What would happen if we spent as much time in the Word as we spent on the couch? What would happen if we changed TV time to JC time? What would happen if we realized that entertainment is merely a temporary relief for a permanent need; a need that can only be satisfied by the One who built it into us? What would happen if we suddenly unplugged from the lies and the garbage that we've acclimatized ourselves to and decided to take notice of how perverted "entertainment" is becoming?

Then something went off. A challenge... a thought. What if we stopped watching TV for entertainment? What if some people started a movement and limited their interaction with the TV to merely informational purposes? What if some people - radicals, you might call them - made a decision to stop being entertained by the world, and start being fulfilled by God instead? What would that look like? What would they look like? What would they accomplish with their lives? Imagine...

So... what about you? What would happen if you stopped watching TV for entertainment? How would that affect your life? How much more time would you have to spend with God, or to spend fellowshipping with other Believers, or to spend reaching out to others outside the Family? What would happen to your spiritual life? What would happen to your family life? What would happen to your thought life?

Think about it. What do you stand to lose? What would you stand to gain? Is it worth it to make such a radical decision? Is it worth it to become such a freak?

A thought to remember though: The world was never changed by those who fit in... only by those who refused to.

5th-Jul-2005 01:28 pm - New Community-- Prayer For India!

Greetings one and all,

This community is being established for those who desire to pray for India, have a heart for India, who are Indian (living anywhere), are missionaries in India, or just want to check out what God is doing in that large region. The purpose of this community will be cultural exchange between regions of India (anything from Divali to Desi food recipes to religious/cultural study to Bollywood), understanding, keeping up with news and needs of India, and correspondences between all affiliated with India in some way.

I look forwards to seeing what God will accomplish as we all gather together with one purpose.
--- all welcome to join ---

++will be cross-posted++

P.S.  This is Daniel Arnold.  Hey David, how's the web designing going and Teen Mania Chatroom?  You know me as "Norway."  I almost went to Teen Mania as an intern.
Indian Children, indian children
6th-Jun-2005 08:52 am - Prayer thoughts
Its summer and as most of those who have been a part in any capacity of Teen Mania Ministries knows. This is the season of Much activity. I ask that those of us who are maniacs around the nation pray for the Ministry during the season.

Specifically, Let us pray for all the missionaries that their experiences will be something powerful, the nationals that their commitments experiences because of the missionaries should be real, and the Staff that they will be able to help form the lives of everyone who comes through the gates.

I also ask that we say special prayers for the August Interns as they enter the final phase of their internship. So much beauty and work goes into their year but it can be so easily lost in the hussle of daily life once the Internship is over. Let us pray that the beautiful interns there Hold tightly to the lessons learned. Have a great day. God bless ya all
Cheerful Kaylee
31st-May-2005 02:13 pm - Something to make u think...
Is there such a thing as a mediocre on fire christian?
28th-May-2005 06:24 pm - Now what do I do?
I'm out of school for the summer and have NOTHING fun to do. I don't want a job cos in June I've teen cousler @ NMFC and we go to granparents all the time. I need ideas to keep me busy. I really don't feel like lying sround sorting beads or reading books. And my little sister bugs me too much to watch TV (I guess that's a good thing) Any ideas on what to do? Please let me know. ~Heath~

{I've never been more sure than I am right now}
Emo Heart
27th-May-2005 09:11 am[subject abducted]
Please pray for my mom. I'm going to be volunteering this summer with Extreme Camps for two weeks and then on a mission trip for another two weeks, and then probably going to the Honor Academy. My mom's health is deteriorating. She was in the hospital yesterday for dehydration and she's below eighty pounds. She checked herself out at around 7:30 and I took her home. I was up with her until 2:00 last night with her telling me that I was never going to see her again and her telling me that my church and the Honor Academy was a cult and that God must not care about her for all of the suffering she is going through. She is Catholic and doesn't quite understand a lot of things about Christianity and my faith, even though I try to talk to her. She has Multiple Sclerosis and acute Pancreatitus and can barely eat anything. Please, please pray for God's healing to touch her and for Him to be watching over her so she can pull out of this quickly. This has happened before, but never so severe that she told me that she was dying. Pray for God's intervention in the situation and pray that I could be strong. Thank you all.
21st-May-2005 07:23 pm - Not a couple, just good friends
How do I tell others in our youth group that we're not a couple? Well, idk if we are. I don't think so, last time I heard from him. How do I get up the guts to ask him. I don't want to sound pushy, needy, disgustful, or be turned down pretty much. Should I just hold out and let every thing happen naturally? Like as if God will make it happen the way he wants? Maybe I'll do that. Please, if anyone has comments/sugestions, please let me know. ~Heath~

{In order to live, you gotta forgive and forget}
Emo Heart
14th-May-2005 10:14 pm - A couple to share...
Let them praise the name of the Lord for he commanded and they were created. Psalms 148:5 kjv

He telleth the number of stars he calleth them all by their names, great is our Lord and of great power his understanding is infinint. Psalms 145:4,5 kjv

Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4 niv

{kiss me I'm a happy tree}
Emo Heart
14th-May-2005 01:27 pm - LAUNCHED!

the revolution has begun.

check out teenmania.ca

28th-Apr-2005 08:02 pm - Made this last night

StandUP and Be Counted
Friday, May 13th, 7.30pm
Canada Christian College, Toronto

26th-Apr-2005 04:04 pm - Suprise!
Well, we've been working x-tra hard lately on the band stuff, and we've a couple routines down!!! Elizabeth and Emory have one, Emory and I have one, Elizabeth's got like two or three of her own and I've on that I'm trying to get one person to halp with. Like one or two more routines and a few okays from certain people, and we'll have our first concert! I SO can't wait. Dunno if NE1 is near Midland MI, but when I find out when it'll be, I'll let ya'll kno. I've major practice ALL week after school everyday, so, pray for me! ~Heather~
Emo Heart
26th-Apr-2005 01:20 pm[subject abducted]
Hey everyone! I volunteered at an ATF the 15th and 16th of this month and had the most amazing time. You get to see so many cool things and meet so many amazing people. It's a totally different experience than actually going to an ATF with your youth group, which I did the year before.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone maybe actually attended the Honor Academy and knew some email addresses of the crew that travels with ATF? I think our group was the August team, but I could be wrong. I know that Matt was our leader and Andy and Chris were the head ushers. If anyone does know any email addresses or anything, please let me know that way I can see if you know who I know (if that makes any sense).

I also did have a few questions about the Academy and stuff if anyone would like to answer those as well:D

God Bless,
Erin Marie
22nd-Apr-2005 04:59 pm - Watch this.

Revolution is Brewing.

requires windows media player

22nd-Apr-2005 02:27 pm - New Websites!

Be sure to check out the new websites for:

Acquire The Fire
Battle Cry


13th-Apr-2005 04:16 pm - Hey! I'm new
Hey! I just joined and very exited. I'm not quite sure how a community works, so, could someone give me a few pointers so I don't start off on the wrong foot please? ~Heather~

{I am a friend of God, he calls me friend}
Emo Heart
7th-Apr-2005 10:51 pm - so hilarious!

Bold the things you've done!

You know your a Teen Maniac if...

1. You name your pets after your trips.
2. You look for then add Garden Valley to every map.
3. Everything you do reminds you of GV.
4. You make Ron Luce a household name.

5. You are more comfortable on the floor then on the bed.
6. You kiss your air conditioner and hot water tank. [ok... so I hug mine...]
7. When customs officials give you weird looks when they see your passport and you smile.

8. You compare everything to TM.
9. You get more mail and e-mail then your parents.
10. You think money is a foreign object.
11. You are board when you get home because you can’t do drama.
12. Your friends can do the entire life cycle scene or all of Ragman from just watching you.

13. You consider sleep an unknown substance.
14. You carry enough duct tape and gaft tape to wrap a house.
15. You have more friends out of state or country than at home.

16. You are most wanted by every demon in Hell.
17. Every Satanic person on the planet hates your guts.
18. You have spent so much on trips that you could have bought a country.
19. You always have to know a lights out time.
20. Your plane ticket to GV was more expensive then your trip.
21. Your address book is bigger then a Webster
22. You have more friends then the neighborhood stray.
23. You can say “Hi” in 15 different languages.
24. It takes you 10 minutes to scroll through your e-mail address book.
25. You consider the domes a 4 star hotel and the longhouses a 5 star 
26. You consider Cloud’s sandwiches fancy dinning.
27. You consider airports your second home.

28. You can unpack and set up a sound box in 58.9 seconds. [42.3 on a good day]
29. You consider working at “the beach” a good thing.
30. You are shocked to see white socks.
31. You can find the ingredients, make, and eat 2 PB&J in 30 seconds or less.
32. You consider white clothes a good thing.
33. You have four categories of clothes: winter, summer, dress, and drama.

34. You consider soap a luxury.
35. “Sliced bread” is not considered food.
36. Your nightmares consist of monster piles of luggage and drama.

37. You can pack everything you need for two weeks in a standard carry on.
38. Your insurance company refuses to cover you as a minor even though you are only 14.
39. When people talk about BVD underwear you start to panic.
40. When you get home you shower everyday just because you can.
41. You dream old dramas.
42. You want to scream in terror when you hear the words Bon Voyage
43. You know how to say good-bye 90 different ways.
44. You can quote the safety instructions on airplane flights in all the major languages.
45. You are able to sleep comfortably anywhere.
46. You consider BV a curse word.
47. You think of words that describe you that start with the first letter of your first name just to get a head start on the next years team games
48. You suggest amoeba, or knight, rider, princess as games at every youth gathering.
49. You are terrified of full contact paper, rock, scissors.
50. You begin to miss but at the same time abhor red dirt and chiggers.
51. The smell of the septic tanks brings back memories.
52. Ridding in pick up beds and on trailers brings back fond memories.
53. You dread carrying the sound box.
54. Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches are your second worst enemy.
55. Fire ants and other critters are your sworn enemies.
56. Water is your best friend.

57. Once you have carried the sound box ten blocks in Mexico you are considered the trip’s strongest person.
58. You love climbing the racks at “the beach.”
59. After a trip every guy is “Fireproof.”
60. Girls become so used to guys being gentlemen they run into doors because there is no one to open the door.
61. You learned to sprint running from drama world (the highlands) before you get drenched.
62. You can do ministry in pouring rain.
63. You can do drama when your brain is disconnected from your body.
64. You do your part better when you are sick instead of well
65. You hate carrying picnic tables.
66. You can stack picnic tables three high in 1 minute or less so you can do drama training.
67. You think school bus rides were invented by Satan.
68. You think 8 counts are from Satan.
69. Your watch is a true survivor.
70. You despise gravel with a passion.
71. You can litterly live two weeks with out doing laundry
. [actually, more like four]
72. You have a love/hate relationship with Tiki torches.
73. Casting is for the well coordinated.
74. You hope that the drama costumes look halfway decent.
75. You can only count to 8 not 10.
76. You can count to 8 in every language in existence and some that don’t.

77. You realize big fans are “cool.”
78. You realize the big fans are the world’s greatest drier.
79. The funny smell is probably you not your neighbor
80. The ETAC course you know better then you own backyard.
81. The nurses have your information memorized.
82. If you have something white that you want to stay white, don’t wear it.
83. You insist your water be purified and your ice has holes in it.
84. Duffle bags never seem to be large enough.
85. There are never enough pens or cards for ministry
86. You have permanent shin splints from the power scene.
87. You have currency from almost every country
88. The bruises on your thighs seem to get bigger each pleasure scene.
89. Jason’s Deli is considered healthy.
90. You prefer sleeping in a sleeping bag and mosquito netting then in sheets and a blanket
91. You get to eat hot, fruit soup for breakfast in the morning.
92. You ‘ve been hit on or a friend of yours has been hit on by somebody of the same sex.

93. Bourbon St. has a whole new meaning.
94. Your address list is longer than your parents.
95. Your accommodations in country have more bugs and foreign critters than people
96. You like the rain instead of the showers.
97. You despise PB&J and avoid it like the plague.
98. At youth sleep overs you yell "Lights out mean mouths shut!"

99. You see animals running around the yard in the morning and have it for lunch.
100. You know what “raindrop” is.
101. You have acronyms for everything.
102. You can live in the same clothes for two weeks without bathing more than once.
103. You can wash and shave your legs in the water faucets beside the shower house.
104. You go through more spiritual warfare away from home than at home.
105. Everything at home reminds you of Teen Mania or missions.
106. Your shoes and clothes never loose the red dirt stain.

107. Drama sounds better then E.S.O.A.L or Gauntlet week.
108. You consider making PB&J a curse.
109. Your friends think that you have been taken by aliens and replaced.

110. You have logged more hours then most pilots.
111. Your family wants you to stop hogging the computer.
112. Your friends’ nickname for you is “insane.’
113. You can go three days with only about 16 hours of sleep. [
or a whole summer with an average of 5/night if you're a TL]
114. You dream about red dirt.
115. You have memorized the TM campus, Maniac Oath, and Honor Code.
116. You know more interns then your friends do.

117. You dread fire drills.
118. Your calves have tripled in size.
119. You consider a walkie-talkie and cell phone black leashes.
120. You know everybody who works in the clinic.
121. You hope you don’t get woken up in the middle of the night.
122. You get homesick at home
123. Your friends can do the doctor or chicken skit completely through with out any mistakes just from watching you.
124. You are more at home on the field then at home.
125. You go to ATF so you can see your friends because you can’t wait a year to see them again. [!]
126. You custom decorate your room with TM pictures only.
127. You beg your parents to let you sleep in the mosquito just one more night, six months later.
128. AAA has a whole new meaning.
129. You tell everybody to avoid the AAA trucks at all cost.
130. You think of ways to get rid of the AAA trucks.
131. The thought of going face to face with Satan excites you.
132. Staring down a witch doctor in Africa or Central America is fun
133. You put your geography teacher to shame.
134. You are banned from wearing anything TM related at school.
 135. Cupid reminds you of the Cloud’s truck.
136. “Refers” are no longer a bad thing.
137. You have a reserved bed every year.
138. Every intern knows you by name.
139. You are a personal friend of all the staff. [
ok... maybe not ALL...]
140. You navigate the back 40 better then your own house.
141. You know every intern in every promotional thing TM puts out.
142. If you are on campus you are always on call to find anybody who gets lost.
143. You know more four-digit numbers then your entire family and all your friends combine.
144. You carry a complete first aid kit, with chigger killer, with you at all times.
145. You can do drama make up in five seconds flat.
146. You can wrap a sprain properly in ten flat.
147. You thank God everyday for carbonation and caffeine because you use it to stay a wake in the summer.
148. You amuse yourself by thinking of new pleasure costume combinations
149. You look forward to rubber band wars at the “sandpit.”
150. You know the two definitions of “sandpit.”
151. You are more comfortable on an open trailer hooked to a tractor then in a car.
152. You request graveyard and airport runs.
153. Your rep. knows all your information before they have talked to you once.
154. You are described as “invincible and unshakeable” 15 different ways in the same conversation.

155. You always have a flashlight, a jacket, your Bible, water, raingear, first aid kit, pens, and paper with you at all times.
156. You consider a name badge as an acceptable form of legal I.D.
157. You carry bug spray and sunscreen everywhere.
158. TM staff and interns know you better then your family.
159. Your nickname is “missions magnet.”
160. You lost track of how many countries you have been to.
161. Customs officials know you by name.
162. James Bond has traveled less then you have.
163. School is foreign; airports are not.

164. Every security official in every country you are on a first name bases with.
165. The Red Cross has black balled you from giving blood or plasma.
166. You can solo sing every drama and dance routine.
167. You play music to an 8 count
168. You 8 count a basketball game.
169. Ted Turner has spent less money then you have.
170. You can quote the tribal dance word for word.
171. You never ask what is in your food.
172. You use the phrase ”Are we there yet?” in your regular vocabulary
173. You and your friends do Ragman with music in the local mall.
174. Wal-Mart employees know you by name.
175. You know more famous people then your friends.
176. You have made the word “blocking” mean a whole new thing.
177. Your missions’ budget is bigger than your clothes budget.
178. Your enemies tremble at the mention of your name.
179. Every Satanist wants your head.
180. You have withdrawal symptoms when you are away from TM for more than a week. [
or hour]
181. Brick columns are a standard of safety.
182. You do not look for the bright light at the end of the tunnel, because you broke out of the tunnel and became the light.
183. You drive on gravel, mud, and in the woods better then on pavement.
184. The word “gator” has new meaning.
185. You own your own gator.
186. You can hog tie or mummy wrap a person with duct tape in 20 seconds
187. You know more first aid then a doctor. [yay for TLs!]
188. You learn to tolerate cold showers.
189. You can do drama or dance in your sleep.
190. Cafeteria food sounds appealing.
191. You can fix drama costumes on the way to the site without a mistake or poking the person with the needle.
192. Bushes give you flashbacks
193. Dare 2 Share lets you promote TM trips.
194. You miss red dirt.
195. You eat weird things and don’t flinch.
196. Fear Factor and Survivor will not let you on the show because you will win.
197. The lost are drawn to you like months to light.
198. Your English teacher begs you to not write about something missions related.
199. Religious people dread the sight of you and cringe at the sound of your name.
200. You keep your three-minute testimony on a cue card.
201. You miss tiki torches.
202. You can shower and shave in under five minutes.
203. You learn more card games at TM then at home.

204. “ATF” has new meaning.
205. You can quote the training manual.
206. You dread multiple phone lines.
207. You can tap into TM’s website from anywhere in the world.
208. You learn to enjoy the uplifting “friendship bubble.”
209. When you buy clothes you ask yourself ”What will this look like in orange?”
210. As a guy, you wonder why girls are shocked when you open the door for them.
211. You know both meanings of “C.A.”
212. Duct tape can be used as a medical tool.
213. It’s not a trip if there is no lay over.
214. The shower house is cleaner than you.
215. After the shower the house is then dirtier than you.
216. You cannot see the difference between the ground outside and the shower house floor.
217. You kiss the pavement when you get home.

218. Your car is permanently stained with a red tint.
219. You know the extension for every staff member. [only cause I have access to them]
220. You spend more time walking then sitting.
221. You don’t ever want to use crutches or be on a backboard.
222. You can wrap a sprained ankle in duct tape securely enough for it to last until you get to the clinic.
223. You can say what kind of music every intern likes.
224. On graveyard you see more animals then people.
225. On and off the field you only do same gender back rubs.
226. You are nauseated by the look and thought of Port-a-Potties.

227. You can walk the same section for 10 hours and never get board.
228. “Board “ and “dull” cease to exist in your normal vocabulary.
229. You pack enough batteries to power a car.
230. Your walkie-talkie becomes a part of you.
231. You gain a new appreciation for food.
232. Your job is not separate from you.
233. “Lunch” is a good word.
234. You anxiously await the phrase ”Let’s eat.”

235. You do not like the taste of Texas water.
236. Fast food joints hate you because you order in another language just for fun.
237. You relive all day training times.
238. You find ways to stay at GV as long as you can.

239. You know people who can get you a hot, fresh cappuccino during your shift.
240. You can identify at least 33 species of critters.
241. You look for ideas for team and MAG names
242. You can rewire electrical wires or sound equipment to make it work.
243. If you have ever forgotten you “shovel prop.”
244. You think your walkie-talkie is alive.
245. You help advertise sunscreen, bug spray, and luggage.
246. You have a lifetime supply of airline salt and pepper.
247. You dream the instructions of how to open the emergency exist on a plane.
248. You call spiders your eight legged friends and know where all the webs are.
249. You can quote your calling card number because you call your friends so much.
250. “HA” has new meaning.
251. “Extreme” has given you a whole new outlook on life.
252. You prefer a ropes course to driving.
253. You have adopted enough four-legged friends to compete with the population of China.
254. Dorm means dropped off run over man.
255. A dorm is better than an apartment.
256. Living on a bus for nine months sounds fun.
257. “SAC” does not mean your bed.
258. You can decode any GE map because you have memorized the campus
259. GE asks you to help make the maps.
260. You find out what the pool looks like with red food coloring in the water just because you wanted to know.
261. You make your shoes out of gaft tape and clothes out of duct tape.
262. Your essentials to live are Bible, duct tape, gaft tape, and caffeine.
263. You hope that the government won’t detain you because you travel so much.
264. You live out of a duffle bag.

265. Needles can’t puncture your skin because it got so hard from traveling.
266. You friends think you are a secret agent.
267. You are comfortable using anything you can when nature calls.
268. If you smell something burning in the cafeteria you don’t ask what it is.
269. Every time you see the mystery casserole you go out to eat.
270. You hear the words: “Carl’s” and/ or “Jr.” you instantly say “Can I come?”
271. You eat pizza and/ or Ramen noodles at least twice a week.
272. You miss the flies.
273. The employees at Dinner Bell know you by name.
274. In introductions you ask” Are you a missionary?”
275. You ask people older then yourself if they are on staff or are interns.
276. When you buy clothes you ask” Can I sleep in this?”
277. You make Teen Mania lingo a second language.
278. You hate that Teen Mania language is not considered an official language.

279. You request that your teacher give a GE pop quiz in class.
280. All beverages left overnight in a longhouse will be ice cold in the morning.
281. You miss power and pleasure sticks.
282. You don’t ever ask what the ingredients are.
283. You can always smell red dirt.
284. One shower in a row will not get you clean.
285. If the sight of seeing girls in 2 piece bathing suits makes you sick.
286. If you consider Wal-Mart a night on the town.

287. If you have friends in all 50 states and several countries.
288. More than ½ your friends don’t speak English.
289. Most of your friends, who speak English, do it as their second language.
290. Many people know who you are, but not your real name. 
291. Personal showers make you scream in terror.
292. Privacy is a foreign concept.
293. Sleep is defined as “wiped from your memory.”

294. You dream in red.
295. You've had more chigger bites than you do body.
296. “Shut up” is not allowed.
297. You mail stuff to yourself.
298. For more power on trips batteries are not included.
299. You answer all the questions security asks before they ask them.
300. You answer your phone at home like you do at TM, even if you just say it in your mind.
301. All TM security knows you personally. [some, at least]
302. You consider a trip anywhere but the airport a treat.
303. Carl’s jr. is liked a lot but not obtained often. [it's only in the US :o( ]
304. You can live off fruit and caffeine
305. You miss your job.
306. You miss doing your part in the drama.
307. You miss phones ringing.
308. You crave canned vegetables served cold.
309. You have nightmares of cold food.
310. You hate cold cereal.
311. You make paper radios when at home just for the memories.
312. You make up radio calls just to stay in practice.
313. The site of grass makes you want to kiss it, but you don’t for fear of chiggers.
314. Red dirt makes you nauseous (or excited?).
315. Popcorn is a good thing.
316. You loathe Excel.
317. You are a wiz at MS Office.
318. You use tiki torches as wind chimes.
319. You try to use drama as a foreign language.
320. You dream in drama.
321. You try to use the 8 count as a foreign language.
322. You drama in 8 count.

323. Your nickname for the AAA truck is the poop-poo truck.
324. You wonder why there are more channels then CNN when you get home.
325. You can navigate the entire campus in the dark.

326. You list caffeine and sugar as major food groups.
327. Your first aid kit includes an IV of straight caffeine and a 5lb. Bag of liquid sugar.
328. You can use hair for dental floss.
329. You can name everything on loop 323.
330. Your parents phone bill is larger then their house payment.
331. Your second language will be English when you come back home, hopefully.
332. You can get three months worth of medication at one doctor’s appointment.
333. When a Big Mac is fine dinning food to you.
334. Mystery meats are ok to you. Note: Don’t ask what the mystery is.
335. You learn which states say soda, coke, and pop.
336. Sharing war stories has a whole new meaning
337. More interns know you than you know interns.
338. The interns keep a complete bio file for you on permanent record for interns and staff only.
339. You can go from your room to the front in about 10min. flat.
340. You can turn off somebody else’s alarm without waking them.
341. When you have memorized the complete dorm assignment list and all the dorm extensions.
342. You can hide on campus and even dogs can’t find you.
343. The smell of bathroom air fresheners makes you sick.
344. Cheap entertainment is quadruple the normal price.
345. you get more homework then you do in a school year.
346. When your Spanish teacher speaks to you ask her which dialect she would like the response.
347. You have the best praise and worship in the shower house.
348. Wal-Mart is your third home
349. Your parents wonder who they will be picking up at the airport because they heard God changed you…again.
350. Or they think you brought home more friends.
351. You can live a year off Ramen noodles or rice and beef bullion.
352. You can live out of a suitcase (duffle bag) then forget to switch back to your dresser when you get back home.
353. You hope that the inventor of the Port-a-Potties has a death wish.
354. You miss fountain drinks.
355. You know so many interns you start to act like them.
356. You know people for a week and discover that you think alike on most things.
357. You remember when luggage world was gravel.
358. You use and see so much duct tape and gaft tape you dream about it.
359. You scare your rep. because you know them better than they know you.
360. You become a mind reader of all staff and interns
361. You think of creative ways of getting out of the dorms during fire drills.
362. Sleep is valued higher than gold or diamonds.
363. You have a drawer full of just drama costumes
 364. You put missions as a job on your résumé.
365. You scream in joy when you see white because you thought it had been banished from the planet.
366. A water container is standard issue when you leave home.
367. You put TM as your alternate address.
368. Your cell phone and pager have international capabilities.
369. You have an unexplainable fear of big, white tents.
370. You are horrified of wooden picnic tables.
371. You screech in delight when you can adjust the hot and cold.
372. Clean feet are considered a luxury.
373. You can find a deal anywhere.

374. You put other missionary friends as your next of kin on your emergency contact list.
375. You can find the most unusual ways of doing fundraisers and they work.
376. TV is a sin on the mission field.
377. The nearest thing to a movie is your Bible
378. All the airport employees are on a first name basses with you.
379. You can give directions around DFW better than the employees.
380. You make the words Teen Mania recognized in every country of the world
381. You can identify TM from the air.
382. You are more comfortable in turbulence than on a smooth road.
|383. You know all of TM’s protocols
384. The people from YWAM think you never leave TM.
385. You are always welcome in the Luce or Hasz house.
386. You can identify the TM cars by the sound of their engine.
387. The charter bus drivers know you personally.
388. Airplanes are your preferred method of travel.
389. You take home samples of red dirt.

390. Your school officials fear your influence on and off campus.
391. You miss the taste of Texas water.
392. You miss peanut butter and jelly.
393. You keep your old airline tickets in your scrap book
394. You miss not having grass.
395. You miss working.
396. You keep your old name badges.
397. You can make a toy out of anything.
398. The thought of not going on a trip over the summer horrifies you and gives you nightmares.
399. You speak completely in acronyms.
. You can fit 26 people in a 15 passanger van that doesn't have all the seats.
401. He's "Ron" to you.
402. You're on first name basis with Ron's kids.
403. You have email addresses at more than one teenmania domain. [
teenmania.com, .org, and .ca]
404. You avoid chicken and rice at all costs.
405. You're afraid to lay on the lawn because of that one fire ant incident...

Thanks to Smiley [heart4nations] for reminding me of this list. :o)

15th-Mar-2005 01:49 pm - Pray for me
Hey guys my friend bellarapture7  and I are going to go on a trip with Teenmania this summer.. Im going to go to the Leadership Training Seminar soon and I just want your prayer that God's will be done over this whole thing.. Im so excited about the possibility of being used to pour into young people. Be blessed.
Cheerful Kaylee
13th-Jan-2005 06:46 pm - Tsunami Relief Opportunity
Most of us have heard the horror stories coming out of Asia regarding the earthquake and tsunami that have claimed more than 160,000 victims. Many of us have been touched and moved by the pictures and stories of those who've lost parents, children and loved ones in the devastation. It touches and affects us all, and most of us wish that we could do more to help.

Now is your chance.

Teen Mania's Global Expeditions, the world leader in short term missions for young people, has announced that they will be taking teams to Madras, India, and Colombo, Sri Lanka this summer to aid in the relief efforts and to share the Gospel with those affected by the tsunami. These teams will go beyond just feeling sympathy for those affected by the disaster - they'll show it with their very lives. They will reach out and touch those who are hurting, and help them begin the process of rebuilding their shattered lives by first helping them rebuild their shattered hearts.

If you would like more information on how you can be a part of this incredible opportunity, please visit http://tsunami.globalexpeditions.com for more information. Space is very limited though, so don't delay.

This summer, you can join an army of thousand and leave your mark on eternity. Step out of the ordinary and mundane, leave the status quo behind, and make a difference with your life.

Now is your chance to make history.


10th-Jan-2005 06:38 am[subject abducted]
Hey my name is Cole, and I was wondering if you guys could send up a prayer or two for me.
Today and tomorrow I have my last two days of Drivers Ed. So if you guys could pray I won't get nervous and I'll be a safe and steady, consitant driver, It'd be greatly appreciated.
I have class today from 10:25-12:05, and tomorrow my test is from 8:45-10:25
Thanx so much.
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